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Seth Nightlord from Trinity Blood cosplay
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9/23/13: Hey there all! Been such a long while since I updated! Cons have flown by and so has the time! Sorry I've been neglecting this site, but in actuality, I've been working on a new site to replace this one in my spare time which will make updating much easier on my end. Hopefully, sooner than later you'll see a new improved! And more information and photos on my costumes and cosplaying! Until then, join me over on Facebook: GamerGirlX Cosplay.
4/27/12: "I'm not dead yet!"

Which is what you may have thought with my long hiatus. Life has actually been extremely busy. New job and keeping busy with other events I help out with. I really need to stop volunteering myself! I hope that in another month or so, I get back on schedule and can update with some new costumes that I haven't gotten around to posting. Get some photoshoots done of other costumes and even post some tutorials. But I guess those new tutorials might be a little later in coming since I need to recover that info from my computer that died. Not to mention, I'm also in the process of moving. And, in a couple weeks, I head up the cosplay events at Zenkaikon. So for those who asked, unfortunately, I will not be cosplaying there since those things are packed up currently. So thanks for your patience and stay tuned! <3
10/07/11: Can you believe it's October already? The leaves are just starting to change color and I've gotten most of the Halloween decorations up and fascinating the neighborhood children with them. I've also managed to get more products up in my shop, and am going to be spending some time this coming weekend photographing some new items.

If you're wondering why I haven't had much in the way of updates here, it's because I'm working on a brand new website that will hopefully layout much better since I first put this one up. That has been eating a lot of my time as well since things need to be adjusted here and there and there's been just a ton of stuff going on! Busy busy busy as always!

Also wanted to suggest for those who like going "green" that there are costume swaps going on tomorrow, where you can trade gently worn Halloween costumes for "new" gently worn costumes! It's a win-win for everyone! You get a new costume and give a new life to one that you may not wear again! For a list of swap locations and to learn more, check out and their list of costume swap locations!

Windia from DeathSmiles8/7/11: Otakon has come and gone... I had a lot of fun even though I caught the con-plague and have been coughing non-stop this past week. BLEH. It's never fun getting sick from a convention, but when you're around some 30k+ people, germs abound. All I can suggest is WASH YOUR HANDS OFTEN! I'll be working on the con report and post some cosplays soon. But I'm still unpacking and trying to recover. So soon!

In the meantime, I leave you with this scary picture of me making faces that my friend Mike took on his cell while we were waiting for a panel.

6/30/11: Arghhhh! Otakon crunch time! I've got so much planned, but probably won't finish it all. I'm ok with that. I will still try my best to accomplish stuff!

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